Selling a Business

For Sellers: PMSI Will Help You Achieve Your Sales Objectives

Properly managing the sale of a business can be a complex, time consuming process.

PMSI has successfuly brokered petroleum distribution businesses for 75 years.

We know the industry, where to find the buyers, what the current market is doing, and the pitfalls to avoid in the process.

PMSI will increase the probability of a successful close, while freeing owners to focus on what they do best, such as running their ongoing business.

Managing the Sales Process

To start, PMSI can manage all aspects of the sales process for the seller:

  • Identify sales objectives
  • Profile the business
  • Value the business
  • List the business
  • Market the business
  • Identify and qualify buyers
  • Present the business to potential buyers
  • Negotiate letter of intent and purchase offer
  • Assist in due diligence
  • Close the sale transaction

PMSI Understands the Importance of Maintaining Confidentiality

As a business broker, PMSI informs and assists potential buyers though the selling process in a highly confidential manner.

Information about your business is shared with potential buyers in stages as their level of interest dictates. No confidential information is disclosed without a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

Financial Networking

PMSI uses it’s extensive banking contacts to assist potential buyers to arrange financing. Pre-qualifying the buyers in this way, allows us to minimize the number of financially invalid offers presented to you for consideration.

PMSI will also help structure the financial aspects of the sale to achieve the required sales objectives. Our financial processes often minimize the need for or the amount of seller financing required.

Marketing the Business

PMSI maintains an extensive list of qualified buyers allowing for a quick match of buyer to business before having to move to any general marketing activities.

PMSI is also prepared to create specific marketing materials for your business as well as an overall Strategic Marketing Plan if needed.

PMSI generally utilizes internet, print media, direct marketing and key referral marketing to achieve the desired sales objective.

Business Documentation

PMSI will ensure that sellers have the information they need to properly market and sell their business, such as:

  • Three most recent years of Profit and Loss Statements (Income & Expense)
  • Business Federal Income Tax Returns for 3 years
  • List of real estate, land, buildings, fixtures and equipment
  • Copies of all lease and lease related documents
  • List of all loans against the business, with payment schedules and amounts
  • Copies of any branding/franchise agreements

How PMSI is Paid

PMSI prefers to utilize exclusive sale listings when marketing properties. PMSI will work with selected other brokers depending on the type of sale.

PMSI generally charges a commission on the negotiated sale price of the business
(including deferred and non-compete payments but excluding inventory and accounts receivable).